Access Creative Works, Legally


There are all kinds of ways to access creative works legally online. Here are just a few*:

The website provides a list of over 500 legal music services available across the world:

Austria – the local audiovisual content protection programme, VAP, provides a catalogue of legal offer of film and audiovisual content.

Belgium – the Belgian Entertainment Association provides a catalogue of legal offers of films, music, games and books.

Denmark – the public awareness-raising campaign “Share with Care” is a joint initiative by Danish right holders, the Danish telecommunications industry, Danish Industry and the Danish Ministry of Culture. The Share with Care portal also provides information on legal online services for various types of content, including film, television, books, music and radio.

Finlandfi – this portal provides information on legal online services for music, film and TV, e-books and video games. – this portal which is edited by the French government agency HADOPI provides information on legal online services for various types of content – music, film, e-books, photos, video games etc. – this website was launched by the CNC (Centre Nationale Cinematographique) in order to facilitate access to legal offer.

Germany – the German film sector has launched the website “Was ist VoD”, an online portal that provides information on how to access legal online services as well as offering technical advice. The portal also offers a search facility that enables consumers to find VoD services according to a variety of criteria, including: country of availability (Germany, Austria and/or Switzerland), the use of subtitles, picture quality, and the payment model.

Italy – the Italian content sectors have launched a portal that enables users to search a catalogue of the various legal offers of content and services (

The Netherlands – Film producers, distributors, broadcasters, online providers and other stakeholders have come together to launch – a handy search app and website that provides information on where you can watch movies and series.

Poland – Legalna Kultura serves as a portal for legal offer in film, music, press, etc. and aims to promote access to culture through legal channels.

Spain – the portal “Me Siento de cine” was been launched with the support of the film industry and the Spanish Government. The portal offers information on the various legal services available to Spanish consumers and how to access them.

An additional initiative,, allows users to search for legal offer according to specific titles (films and TV series).

Sweden – Moviezine permits users to search legal offer of films and TV series.

UK – FindAnyFilm allows users to search for legal offer according to specific film titles. The website, which was initially created with the support of a lottery grant, now operates on a cost-neutral basis. It makes use of APIs to update its catalogue automatically wherever possible, and provides search tools which can be integrated into other websites.

*Note: This is not an exhaustive list of resources. Information change with regard to these sites may not be reflected here in real time.